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CVISS Referral Process


1. Student/Guardian inquires about CVISS information from their comprehensive site counselor/AP over guidance.

2. Comprehensive site counselor/AP has a meeting with both Student and Guardian to discuss the requirements to attend CVISS.
a. Prospective CVISS students should not be overly credit deficient. Below is a general guide,
however exceptions can be considered on a case-by-case basis:
  1. Freshmen start semester 2 - minimum 20 credits earned
  2. Sophomore start semester 1 - minimum 40 credits earned
  3. Sophomore start semester 2 - minimum 70 credits earned
  4. Junior start semester 1 - minimum 90 credits earned
  5. Junior start semester 2 - minimum 120 credits earned
  6. Senior start semester 1 - minimum 150 credits earned
  7. Senior start semester 2 - minimum 190 credits earned  (due to lack of time to complete coursework)
*mid-semester transfers need to be awarded partial credits for the majority of their passing courses
b. Student has the ability attend required in-person classes twice per week (transportation a must)
3. If a prospective CVISS student fits the criteria, the comprehensive site counselor sends a request to their site administrator over counseling.
a. “Ideal Candidate”
  1. Good time management and self motivated- can create and stick to their own schedule
  2. Good communication skills
  3. Knows how to use their resources within Edmentum
  4. Demonstrated success in online/distance learning if previously enrolled
  5. Not afraid to ask for help
4. Site administrator over counseling may approve/deny the CVISS request.  If approved, site administrator sends a referral to the CVISS counselor.
5. CVISS counselor schedules informational/intake meeting with student and guardian.
6. Prospective CVISS student, guardian, and CVISS counselor decide if CVISS is a good fit.  If so, intake documents are completed.
7. CVISS principal notified for final review and a request of student release from comprehensive site is made for the prospective CVISS student to be transferred to CVISS on PowerSchool.