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Centinela Valley Independent Study School (CVISS) offers a hybrid work model that mirrors the increasing trend seen in universities and industry where individuals are working both from home and in person. https://www.forbes.com/advisor/business/remote-work-statistics/


At CVISS students complete online classes which include activities that can only be completed in-person collaborating with peers. Students work independently on their courses, either at home or on campus, using an engaging online curriculum provided by the company Edmentum.  Students attend a mandatory in-person weekly meeting with a teacher to monitor their progress.  This is to ensure the student is moving at a rate equivalent to a traditional school (a minimum of 12 classes or 60 credits completed per school year.)  Students are also required to participate in weekly one hour face-to-face instruction for each UC approved class they are enrolled in.  This instruction is led by a facilitating teacher and students are expected to work collaboratively with their peers.


CVISS conducts field trips throughout the academic year.  Students are encouraged to attend, socialize and form peer relationships during these field trips.  These activities are meant to foster healthy socialization and growth for all CVISS students.


Courses taken on Edmentum are equivalent to those taken by students in a traditional setting and earn the same credit towards a California High School State diploma.  The courses are UC approved which allows a graduate to apply directly to the CSU or UC system of universities.


Transportation is not provided and is not an excuse for not attending weekly progress meetings or in-person activities.


Enrollment in CVISS is voluntary.  Families elect to take independent study as an alternative to traditional classes and may return to a traditional school site at any time.  If adequate progress is not maintained by the student, interventions will occur to help support and get back on track, or alternative placements will be considered. 


The types of student that might be best served by CVISS are:

  • self motivated individuals
  • not very credit deficient
  • more tech savvy
  • perhaps have some attendance issues
  • perhaps more introverted
  • students with sensory issues that do not do well in large classes
  • students with medical issues or pregnancy that cannot attend a traditional site
  • student who is working or playing sports full time


Please ask a Centinela Valley academic counselor for more information about our program if interested in CVISS. If you are just entering our district from another high school or from a middle school, please contact us directly at 310-263-4480 between the hours of 8am - 3:30pm.


Example: Student's Weekly Schedule


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
4 hrs Independent online work
4 hrs Independent online work
1 hr In-person class
on campus
(ex. 1-2 pm)
4 hrs Independent online work
1 hr In-person class
on campus
(ex. 12-1 pm)
4 hrs Independent online work
4 hrs Independent online work
15 min weekly progress check meeting
on campus
(ex. 10-10:15 am)
Example: Weekly Class and Office Hours Schedule
CVISS DI/Office Hours Calendar
Monday   Tuesday   Wednesday   Thursday   Friday
9am-10am - Office Hours
Chemistry   US History       Government   Spanish
10am-11am - Office Hours
Biology   World History       Economics   Fashion Design
11am-12pm - Office Hours
                Digital Photography A/B
12-1pm - Class Office Hours
Math 3A   Math 1A   Math 2A   Financial Math A   Public Speaking A/B
    English   English   English   Health
1-2pm - Class Office Hours
Math 3B   Math 1B   Math 2B   Financial Math B   Early Childhood Development
    English   English   English