Ben Bellingham » Welcome!


I am excited to work at the Independent Study Program at CVUHSD where students work towards graduation in an alternative setting that mirrors the upward trend in hybrid work.  We offer an online/home based curriculum in conjunction with an in-person component.  Because students have a lot of freedom over when and where they are working from, the program requires they be disciplined and organized with their schedule.  Self accountability, a strong work ethic, and self advocacy are the keys to success at CVISS.  Successful students mature in these areas and leave with the ability to have meaningful ownership over how they work and accomplish goals as they prepare for college, career, and life!
I am a credentialed math teacher and a fluent native Spanish speaker with over 20 years of experience.  Most of this has been working directly with students in alternative education.  I am a product of the South Bay and it's schools and have a deep relationship with the community.
I am looking forward to helping your child realize their potential to achieve success at CVISS and their future life.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to me at 310-263-3137.